Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well, it has been decided that we are heading to Florida to see one of the final shuttle launches this week and I was looking around the disney site and noticed that the Princess Half-Marathon was part of the weekend we would be there. I also noticed that they had a 5k the day before the marathon.

The Beauty and the Beast 5k at Epcot will be run on February 26, (my sister's b-day) and I signed up. I believe I actually claimed the final spot. I noticed that the race was 99% full when I registered and when I returned to the info page it had updated to read sold out. The course is a relatively flat course aside from the parts I don't know from being "backstage" portions of Epcot. I am excited for this one because it is a travel race, we are already there and my nephew, niece, mom and dad will all be there. My parents will see me finish my first race since high school!!! COOL!!!!! My daughter is already packed for the trip and has included 2 cowbells for cheering and her running shoes as she wants to run the last 100 yards with me and has already told me so.

If you know me really well, fashion has never been a priority for me and likely never will be. I am a jeans and comfy shirt kind of girl, but for this race, it will be different. I am wearing a PINK running skirt by skirt sports. I received this skirt a couple years ago for volunteering at the skirt chaser 5k here in Raleigh.

now a brief health update. I finally have an answer on the health front and am not comfortable at this time sharing the diagnosis. I will say this, it is tied to my migraines, but it is an additional piece. I have already started medication and I am feeling better every day, but it is also something that is need to know and when I am more comfortable with this information myself, I may share. Until that time, know this, I do not have MS or a brain tumor, I have not had a stroke and what I do have can be treated and is being treated by taking a single medication. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as they are truly the only way I have made it through the last 9 months. They have been trying, but to have an answer despite it being one I am still absorbing, is truly a prayer answered. Thank you all.

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