Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First ride of 2011

On sunday, I did my first ride of 2011. In the process of doing this ride, I set several new personal "records."

This is the earliest ride I have ever done. My previous earliest ride was in late February 2 years ago. Also it was in Savannah, GA, a little further south and a tad bit warmer.

This was also the furthest ride I have done for my first ride of the season. At around 20 miles, that doubles my furthest ride for the first ride of the year.

Fastest ride - Typically my first ride of the year is a slow ride to acclimate to being back on the bike and on the road.

I truly enjoyed the ride. I had a great ride buddy and despite the minor detour, the route was great. I am hoping to ride again this coming sunday. Unfortunately, my picture won't upload, but we'll try again later.

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