Saturday, February 6, 2010

Falling off the wagon - Day 12

Well, I fell off the wagon this week kind of hard.

Day 8
1493 calories consumed with 446 burned. Deficit of 255 calories.

I think Day 8 may have precipitated part of the fall. I worked out hard with David and then did some time on the elliptical trainer at level 12, I guess because I have always done up to level 5, I got a little disconcerted that I couldn't keep going. My hips and quads were screaming at me and I was exhausted. I think I need to take in more calories on days I am working out. Need to figure that out.

Day 9
Pretty sore from the workout the day before, even sneezing hurt my abs. (OMG)

Ate not bad I guess, but I felt horrible about what I ate. I didn't track my calories for the full day and can't remember what all I ate that night, but it was more than I should have.

Day 10
I didn't track anything. Busy morning with running all over town to get my little one registered for Kindergarten. We had to run two separate places for a total of nearly 3 hours (with the driving) then pick her up, and head to work. I was so exhausted after the days events that I did not track anything or do any workout.

Day 11
Started off good, slept in a little. watched a movie, sat on my butt. NOT GOOD!!!! Starting to slip back into the old ways.

Worked in the afternoon and I have decided to track the calories burned by sweeping and mopping the floor at work because I am always sweating when I am done. After leaving work, I headed to the Rock-a-thon at the church with my old confirmation kids. I grazed and grazed and grazed some more, plus the soda. YUCK!!! It was a fun night, but I kept thinking about everything I was going to have to do to make up for the calories taken in. Did work off some calories after getting home, but not much.

Day 12, back on track.

Writing today's blog, going to go grocery shopping with hubby and squirt and then head to the gym before work. I will get the 3.1 in on the elliptical and get my time to David. It's tough, but I have to keep pushing.

As far as the question posed on monday, I think it is harder to develop three new habits at once than it is to do one at a time. What do you think??

I did not make it to the gym, but with what I burned working, I don't think I needed to. According to both and, 3 hours of massage burns over 1000 calories. OMG!!! Really. If only my body would allow me to do more massage.

So for today, 1278 calories consumed, 1018 calories burned.

WOW. I have a deficit of 1042 calories for the day.

In the past, I would have gone to the restaurant next door to work and get a taproom burger, without the bun and chips with ranch dressing, I would say that would probably avg out to about 800-1000 calories, with the steak burger, no veggies and not sure if the chips were baked or fried. either way, I did not do that today... I took my dinner and ate at the office instead.

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