Sunday, November 13, 2011

Princess Half, here I come

Well, I've begun my training for my next big thing. 

I am registered for the Princess half marathon on February 26, 2012.  My first big event in 2012.  I saw the medal last year during the Royal Famil 5k and just had to have it.  SERIOUSLY, this thing is some major bling.  It will be my first MAJOR bling that I'll be able to rock.  I just finished week two with just under 4 miles for the week.  For me, the non-runner, that's a good week.  I'm still working on this whole running thing. 

I have an 8k planned for Thanksgiving day which to be honest, I am mildly concerned about.  I had to flip two weeks on my training plan.  Thanksgiving week was supposed to be a short week, but I've wanted to do the Turkey Trot for several years and I mis-read my training plan and registered.  Oh well.  Can't change it now.  I'll just go do it and have fun with it.

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