Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More training and an upcoming 5 miler

More training!!!  4.2 miles sunday evening, travel day on monday and tuesday.  I was able to get a training run in yesterday before heading to my cousin's graduation from infantry school.  I got in an easy 1.3 miles and then upstairs to shower and changed.  I am planning to pick up a couple books and learn from a couple people about the changes I need to make dietetically.  I am surprised that I am close to being able to run half of my half marathon distance at my 1:1 jog/walk ratio and I am quite happy with that.  It's been a struggle early, but as long as I stay with my training, it will continue to improve and I will get stronger.  Off to cook thanksgiving and I will do my best to run early in the 5 miler and then be able to eat a decent, but not too big turkey dinner.

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