Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, crap

I hadn't posted in a while and for good reason.
I had been dealing with a knee injury and all things considered, (two significant surgeries last year) it wasn't something I really wanted to face. Add to that the sweltering heat here in the southeast and I hadn't been doing much training.
Shortly after July 4, I registered for the Princess half-marathon at Disney World in February. '
I hadn't ridden in about 10 days and for a while, my rides had been quite uncomfortable. My left knee would scream with every downstroke of my pedal. I hadn't felt that in so long and I was just hoping it was positioning of my cleat, changed that, didn't work. Bought new pedals to give my knees a little more "float" so my feet weren't quite so locked into a certain position hoping that would help. NOPE!! Finally, I went out on the 16th attempting a long ride before my mission trip and 1/2 mile in, I knew something was really wrong with my knee. I turned around after 2 miles. Returned to the start and all I really wanted to do was throw my bike. Not that it would really solve anything, but it just might make me feel better... at least until I realized the damage to my bike.
I had my mom contact my orthopedist while I was on my mission trip and get me an appointment. That appointment was yesterday. All the x-rays looked great. The only problem is, it didn't feel so great. I had a catch that was quite painful and even despite bracing for several weeks as a precaution, I hadn't seen any improvement. So, decision was made yesterday to take care of the knee quickly to prevent any further damage and possibly future injury that would be worse than what was currently going on.
I had surgery this afternoon to cleanup the knee cap and the damage that has happened since the surgery last year. The good news is, there wasn't any damage we weren't expecting. I start rehab on friday and hope to be back on the bike in the next two weeks. I'll have to take it easy, but fortunately I have a good cycling base already in place.
Additionally, the half-marathon training plan hasn't started yet, but my therapist should be able to get me to a point where I can train from the end of the rehab and into the training plan.

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