Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rehab update

Well, the first pt session went as well as could be expected. Actually, maybe better.

Range of motion for flexion was 105 degrees. Expected range of motion at one week postop is expected at 90 degrees. I was only 1.5 days postop. I had already ditched the crutches, walking without a limp and doing really well.

Modified pt, leg lifts, quads, calf stretches and hamstring stretches.

Saturday was a busy day and I was up A LOT!!! I took today (sunday) easy, stayed off the leg a fair amount to try to keep the swelling down. It looks pretty good and I am hoping the improvement continues.

I am hoping to just do easy laps on my hybrid bike tomorrow night at the church. Nice flat and easy laps around the church parking lot. One of my riding buddies has said he would ride with me, which is awesome. I miss my team and my friends. I can't wait to get back on the bike, but I also need to do it within reason. I don't want to have to need another surgery within 18 months again.

Still hoping to start training in time to get a full half-marathon training plan in, but we'll see.

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