Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It Clicked!!

Today, following my workout I was so very pleased with the progress I've made in just a week. But the amazing thing is, something clicked today.

I have worked out for years, trained for years, raced for a couple years, competed at different levels for years. It never clicked until today.

You can have the best personal trainer, the best nutritionist, the best personal chef, the best everything in the world. But until you figure out what works for you, what trips your trigger and makes you happy and makes you happy, it won't work for you. Find it and own it. I think I have found mine.


Boxing is fun, it is hard work, it makes me sweat and it makes me strong. I was doing things today in my workout that I couldn't do two weeks ago, let alone last week. I have babied my knees after surgery and that is done. I was doing lunges and squats today, up downs, burpees, commando pushups and more.

The amazing thing is, I did my first boxing class 1 week ago and could only do 3 commando pushups. At the end of class today, we were challenged with 30 seconds, do as many commando pushups as you can and remember that and do more next time. 1 week and I saw that much improvement... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Holy Cow!! I so love these classes!!!

Now, lets's see if I can bust through this plateau and maybe actually hit my goal weight!!! Let's see what happens.

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