Monday, January 24, 2011

What a workout

I downloaded a swim workout today for Sandra and I. Sandra has been swimming a little more than I have since November, but fortunately, my cardio base isn't too bad. I was able to jump in with her and keep pace.

Together, we swam 1300 yards today and by tonight, OMG, was I feeling it. My shoulder and arms were tight and sore!! I have altered my swim stroke and kick since high school. Swimming sprints in high school led to me killing my legs in what would be the first event of the triathlon and nothing in the tank for the final two legs of the race.

Tomorrow is a long work day and hopefully a home workout and some time on the trainer on the bik in the living room.

Saturday, I will run (yeah, right) my first 5k in 3 yrs. I have done them as part of several tris, but no official 5k since the Run the Quay in 2008. I am excited and a bit nervous for my first race in 2 years. I have not done a tri or 5k in 2 yrs. Last year was recovering from both knee surgeries and I finally feel somewhat back to "normal."

Wish me luck.

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