Thursday, September 17, 2009

Okay, it's training time again.

Here is my promise to myself.

Last year, I took time off after my last triathlon to allow my neck more time to heal and ended up fighting my way back into some modicum of being 'in shape.'

This time, I won't allow the same thing to happen. I have reached a point with my cycling that I am averaging 14mph on a solo ride. I can probably handle faster with a paceline. Climbing still hurts, but it has gotten better.

I have formulated a training plan for me, my sister and my hubby. We are planning to run a 5k together in november. For me, there will be walking involved as well, we will only be halfway through the training plan. Hubby used to be a runner and I believe will return to running quicker than Krista and I. We'll see though. I am excited to see what happens.

Until then, let's go. Time to train and time to have some fun.


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